Web基本原理與技術 (FJU-CSIE-Spring 2017)


Class Time: Mon 1:40 – 4 :30p     Location: SF234

Instructor: Dr. Hsing Mei              Office: SF625

Email: mei@csie.fju.edu.tw           Phone: 29053704

Office Hour: Tue/Thur 1:40-4:30p, or by appointment

TA: 胡翔喻 kevinhu@weco.net   李孟霈 adam@weco.net   (SF638)

Office Hour of TA: Thur 1:40-3:30p




The objective of this course is to study the fundamental protocol and development techniques of World Wide Web. This course introduces both browser-side and server-side issues and techniques. It is designed to provide a foundation for subsequent network software courses.



Class Participation : 6%  + Bonus (共同筆記, Reading Report)

Lab Assignment: 25% (5 x 5%) + Bonus Lab

Quiz: 10% (2x5%)

Term Project: 24%     

Midterm Exam: 15%

Final Exam: 20%


Text Book:                                                                                                                                                         

Internet and World Wide Web How to Program, 5th Ed., by Dietel, Dietel & Niieto, Prentice Hall, 2011, ISBN: 978-0131752429.

http://www.deitel.com/Books/InternetWebScripting/InternetWorldWideWebHowtoProgram5e/tabid/3629/Default.aspx (register and download example code)



https://www.freecodecamp.com/ React (5 hours)  D3 (5 hours)  Node.js and Express.js (20 hours)

https://www.codecademy.com/ Learn ReactJS


XML How to Program, by Dietel, Dietel & Niieto, Prentice Hall, 2001


張介英, 徐子超譯,  一千零一網:網際網路WWW發明人的思想構圖, 台灣商務印書館, 1999


劉靜怡譯, 誰綁架了文化創意?:如何找回我們的「自由文化」, 早安財經, 2008年. ISBN:9789867458933

http://free-culture.cc/ (Free Download)


Laboratory Assignment (Individual):

Lab1: HTTP analysis with Wireshark + Client content analysis with Browser tool/plugins

  1. Use Wireshark to capture HTTP messages, including GET, POST, Set-Cookie, and Cookie header. Your report should contain the target URLs, captured messages, and anything you learned from this lab.
  2. Use Browser tool/plugin to analyze the web page content. Your report should contain the HTML. CSS, Javascript.  Post your lab report on SLS personal blog, and the link on FB course group.

Lab2: 建立 Github, FreeCoideCamp, Codecademy 帳號, Git on CodeAcademy,  HTML5 and CSS onFreeCodeCamp

Lab3: Personal page on Github.

Lab4: jQuery (JSON APIs /Ajax / jQuery on FreeCodeCamp, modify your personal portal with jQuery enhancement) 

Lab5: PHP Labs on Codeacademy

Lab6 (Bonus): PHP+SQL (Configuration/development) or more on CodelAcademy/FreeCodeCamp


Term Report (Team of 4):

  1. Design and develop a web-based system with RIA client (with HTML5) and PHP (SQL for bonus).  You are free to choose any application domain.
  2. Written project proposal due midterm exam week on SLS Collaborated Notes.
  3. Team Leader is responsible for ALL post on SLS.
  4. ALL member should participate the final demo and presentation.
  5. Cross Grading

              Intra-team effort: 70% Team grade, 30% Individual grade

              Inter-team grade: Due after each demo/oral presentation class


課程注意事項: 本課程強調自主學習, 合作學習, 與課程參與.  課程大量使用網路服務, 網路參與內容的發表請注意智慧財產權相關規定, 有關課程使用宅學習Social Learning Space (SLS), 投影片下載, 上課錄影(YouTube), 社交網路(Facebook)等網路應用, 及相關群組/頻道/社群的使用介紹與規範等, 請詳閱第一次上課發下的書面注意事項與 Homework 0. 除非有不可抗拒的原因, 本課程 
  1. 第一次上課遲到或未到,  未選課者請勿加選.  已選課而未退選者, 以缺席一次計. 
  2. 考試無補考. 放棄評量配分中任一項 , 學期總成績以不及格計.
  3. 點名遲到或未到, 可看完課程錄影後於宅學習發表心得, 再至 Facebook課程社群補點名, 若出席未及點名次數之1/2, 則期末考扣考, 學期總成績以不及格計.
  4. 課堂中想睡覺者, 請自行出教室清醒, 趴下睡覺者, 以點名缺席計.
  5. 課堂發生任何影響上課秩序行為(e.g. 交談, 電動, ...), 將請短時間站立, 不願站立者, 以點名缺席計.


Date Course Content Video
2/22 Syllabus,SLS,HTTP HW0 Due


2/27 Off


3/6 HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweave (Chap 4) ,Lab1 (HTTP analysis) Due



CSS  (w3schools)  (完成分組), Lab2 Due(Git-CodeAcademy,  HTML5/CSS-FreeCodeCamp)


3/20 JavaScript, JSON, DOM and event Lab 3 Due (Github Page)



Ajax (Chap15, w3schools)

4/3 FJU Spring Break Off


4/10 jQuery (slides, w3shools) React Quiz 1      
4/17 Midterm Exam       Reading Report Due,Project Proposal (by Team) Due on SLS ​



PHP (Chap 23) Node.js  Lab4 Due (JSON/AJAX/jQuery-FreeCodeCamp, Github Page)



HTML5  (slides, w3schools, html5rocks) Lab5 Due (PHP-CodeAcademy)


5/8 SQL (Chap 22)



XML, DTD (Chap 14, w3schools) Schema, XPath, XSLT (Chap 14) Lab6 Due (PHP+SQL)


5/22 Project Demo and Oral Presentation ,Quiz 2




6/5 Project Demo and Oral Presentation  

Project Demo and Oral Presentation

6/19 Final Exam ,Written Project (by Team) Due on SLS