[F21_WebFund] Lab1 資工二乙 409262542 賴可唐

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(1)    Use Wireshark to capture HTTP messages, including GET, POST, Set-Cookie, and Cookie header. Your report should contain the target URLs, captured messages, and anything you learned from this lab.

target URLs: https://portal.fju.edu.tw/student/

1. GET



3. Set-Cookie

4. Cookie

心得: 這是我第一次接觸Wireshark,完成作業的過程到好多以前不知道的知識,分析GET、POST和Set-Cookie跟Cookie才真的知道網路有多不安全,對Wireshark一些簡單的操作也較為了解了。

(2)    Use Browser tool/plugin to analyze the web page content. Your report should contain the HTML. CSS, Javascript.  Post your lab report on SLS personal blog, and the link on FB course group.

心得 : 我用Chrome內建的DevTools改了背景顏色和一些文字,以前雖然有打開過但第一次這樣亂改,還蠻有趣的。