[F21_WebFund] Lab1 資工四甲 407261441 黃玟瑄

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Lab1: HTTP analysis with Wireshark + Client content analysis with Browser tool/plugins

(1) Use Wireshark to capture HTTP messages, including GET, POST, Set-Cookie, and Cookie header. Your report should contain the target URLs, captured messages, and anything you learned from this lab.

GET: 會直接將要傳送的資料放在header進行傳送,不適合傳輸隱密性高的資料


POST: 會將資料放在message body中,相較於GET會比較安全


Set-Cookie: 會回傳和Cookie有關的參數設定,包含Domain、Path、Secure等等的參數


Cookie: 會儲存用戶端資料,當下次再進到同個網站時可以快速的擷取之前的資料


心得: 之前在上網路概論的課時,有操作過Wireshark但是當時對這個東西還不太了解,現在在重新了解背後的原理後就有比較清楚了


(2) Use Browser tool/plugin to analyze the web page content. Your report should contain the HTML. CSS, Javascript. Post your lab report on SLS personal blog, and the link on FB course group.