[S20_WebFund] HW#2 金融與國際企業學系 - F08275203 - 杜尼可

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1. GitHub Account

2. TaiwanLife Account 

3. Git tutorial


5. Conclusion

Although I already had experience with HTML & CSS, I really enjoyed improving and building a strong foundation of the basics. It helped me to understand a few concepts better than I learned in Software Engineering at my home university. In this course we built a Java Web Application with Java EE in the backend and XHTML & CSS and Primefaces (as a framework). Before that we never learned anything about HTML & CSS basics, so we had to learn while working on the backend and database. That was very difficult and I'm glad to fill some missing knowledge gaps while being here.

Git was new to me. At my home university we've been working with GitHub to collaborate, but never used the command line to branch, fetch, pull, commit and push. We always did that from our IDE. But now I have a very good understanding what git and GitHub is, how it works and how to apply the knowledge in the command line (which is pretty awesome btw!).