15. Devices and Printing

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Windows store apps不能隨意直接使用硬體,因此透過支援WinRT API以及Win32 API的Windows Portable Devices(WPD)裝置當作橋梁與硬體溝通。



此API可以使用支援NFC(near field communication)的裝置透過觸碰即可連結和分享。




在Windows 8 app中,是透過app呼叫事件處理以及監聽器印出畫面

而印出畫面的內容是可以來自app的文件、文件片段、SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics可縮放圖型)等,且可以使用CSS語法自行定義。




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Printing in Windows 8 概述

Windows 8 的設計提供了一個平台,硬件設計人員可以使用突出設備的功能,為用戶提供更豐富的體驗。

硬體廠商可以通過自定義print system 中的相關組件,實現設備差異。


即使沒有定制的Windows 8 printing 向用戶提供了一套豐富的UI元素提供了一個很好的體驗。

V3 printer driver model 和 Windows 8 printing

The v3 printer driver model existed before Windows 8 was developed. Printers that are connected to Windows 8 computers with v3 printer drivers installed will continue to work as they currently do with desktop applications.

When printing from a Windows Store device app to a printer using a v3 printer driver, the user is presented with the default print experience; print features like stapling, duplex selection, and paper size options that are common to all printers all are available. Driver-specific features like PIN-secured printing are unavailable when printing from Windows Store device apps to v3 printer drivers.

V4 printer driver model 和 Windows 8 printing

The printer driver model has been redesigned for Windows 8. The new driver is called the v4 printer driver model. Support for Windows Store apps and their UI and environment has been integrated into the v4 printer driver. V4 printer drivers can use apps to provide customized print UIs for Windows Store device apps and desktop apps.

A v4 printer driver can also include an app known as a printer extension that provides the ability to customize the print preferences UI. A printer extension can also support printer notifications.

When a user connects a device to a computer that is running Windows 8, Windows automatically searches for the best driver and downloads device metadata from the Windows Metadata Information Store (WMIS). For Windows 8, this metadata can optionally describe a type of app called a Windows Store device app that exists in the Windows Store and supports the device. Regardless of the type of driver that the device is using, Windows will download the same

Windows Store device app. The device app reinforces the manufacturer’s brand and is a great platform for providing support.

Windows Store device apps for printers

客制和品牌在Windows 8中的打印體驗,包括Windows應用商店的printers設備應用的發展。

安裝Windows Store device app for printers後,可以啟動在三個不同的contexts: 

the Start experience, the Advanced Print Settings experience, the Print Notifications experience.

 安裝 Windows Store device app

作為Windows Store device app用的開發過程的一部分,創建一個應用程序ID相關聯的模型或各種型號的print設備。

第一次在Windows8用戶定制的print體驗提供了printer,Windows 8使用printer’s app ID自動搜索相關Windows Store device app的Windows Store。

如果Windows 8中找到相應的Windows Store device app,該應用程序會下載和安裝。
printer型號的軟件組件,應用程序ID綁定被稱為 the device metadata。

A Windows Store device app for printers can deliver three types of experiences in a single app package:

開始體驗(the Start experience)

The Windows 8 Start screen can include a tile to invoke a Windows Store device app for printers. When the device app is configured using the Start experience, the user taps the Start screen tile to launch the device app.

Advanced Print 設定(the Advanced Print Settings experience)

A Windows Store device app can be configured to extend the printer settings that Windows offers. The Windows Store device app can be invoked when the user taps More Settings in the Print window. The Advanced Print Settings experience enables IHVs to provide the customization and branding described earlier.

Print 公告通知(the Print Notifications experience)

A Windows Store device app can also be configured to function as a printer notification UI. In this configuration, the Windows Store device app provides a Printer Notifications experience. Printer notifications use a new concept calleddriver events. These events work with the Bidirectional Schema (also called Bidi) and the AsyncUI protocol (MS-PAN) to raise alerts about the status of the print device.

For example, when a user starts to print, the user could be made aware of the fact that the ink levels are low.

定制和設備差異: A rich printing experience

Printing in Windows 8 is designed to make it possible to provide a full fidelity, device-specific experience through customization. A rich printing experience in Windows 8 could, for example, include providing users with creative printing scenarios or providing users with video-based troubleshooting steps to help them resolve a problem.


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