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1. HTTP 1.0 protocol was designed only for hypertext information retrieval.
X    2. The XHTML meta elements are not visible to users and must be placed inside the body section.
3. Inline styles do not truly separate presentation from content.
X    4. Styles defined by users take precedence over styles defined by the author.
X    5. Styles defined for parent have higher specificity and take precedence over the children’s styles.
6. An XML document can optionally reference a Document Type Definition (DTD) or schema that defines the XML document’s structure.
7. XML is a technology for creating markup languages to describe data of virtually any type in a structured manner
8 If an XML document is not well formed, the parser generates an error
9. XML markup text is enclosed in brackets (< and >).
10. XML child elements are considered as markup.
X    11. The comma and double quote characters in XML are reserved for delimiting attribute values.
12. XML Processing Instructions have no effect on a document if the application processing the document does not use them.
13. XML Keyword PCDATA specifies that the element must contain parsable character data.
X    14. XML namespaces increase the chance of collisions.
X    15. Character data in a CDATA section is processed by the XML parser.
16. Namespace prefixes are prepended to element and attribute names in order to specify the namespace in which the element or attribute can be found.
17. XML Schema is an XML-based alternative to DTDs.
18. An XML schema describes the structure of an XML document.
19. The W3C XML Schema Definition is saved with file extension .xsd
20. boolean is a schema data type that represents a true/false value.
X    21. Root element Schema contains the document definitions.
X    22. IEEE provides a XML Data Object Model (DOM) recommendation to build XML document structure in memory.
23. DOM is a tree-based model that stores the document's data in a hierarchy of nodes.
X    24. DOM-based parsers are written exclusively in Java and are usually available for download at no charge.
25. XML does not provide a way to locate specific pieces of structured data within a given document.
X    26. XPath is a structural language for locating information in XML document.
X    27. XPath is used by XSLT and DTD.
28. XPath location path is an expression specifying how to navigate XPath tree.
X    29. XPath searches are made relative to root node.
X    30. In XPath, an XML document is viewed conceptually as a tree in which each part of the document is represented as a root node.
31. XSLT is used to transform an XML document from one form to another.
X    32. An XSLT document is an XML document with a root element style.
33. XSLT template element matches specific XML document nodes.
34. XSLT allows iteration through node set and sorting node set.
X    35.XSLT imported templates have higher precedence than local templates.
36. By default, element apply-templates matches all the child nodes of an element to templates.
37. XSLT element copy produces a copy of the context node and places it in the result tree.
38. The XSLT value-of element can be used to output the value of an element or attribute.
39. Dojo, Prototype, jQuery and are all AJAX toolkits.
40. When an Ajax application requests a file from a server, the browser typically caches that file
41. Subsequent requests for the same file can load it from the browser’s cache.
X    42. A JSON object is an unordered set of typeless name/value pairs
43. JavaScript eval() can compile and execute any JavaScript program.
44. When security is a concern, it is better to use a JSON parser, but not eval().
45. XMLHttpRequest (XHR) suffers same domain or cross site limitation. A web proxy is required to get data from third place.

d    46. In the XHTML statement <a href = "address">, href is an ________ of the a element.
a) anchor  b) element  c) label   d) attribute
a   47. The alt attribute is used in the ____ tag to provide an alternate ____ description for the image.
a) img, text   b) a href , address  c) title, text   d) src,  image size
a   48. Each list item in an unordered list is delineated by the ________ element.
a) li   b) disc  c) ul  d) href
b   49. The usage of an input element is defined by the value of its _________ attribute.
a) name  b) type  c) size  d) all of the above
b   50. Form elements are mainly used to ________.
a) display information to the user    b) collect information from the user
c) display images to the user        d) format text
d   51. To link to an internal link in a Web page, the value of the href attribute includes the named anchor preceded with a _____.
a) @ symbol   b) * symbol    c) % symbol    d) # symbol
a   52. The meta element is used mainly in conjunction with which of the following?
a) search engines   b) frames   c) audio files    d) forms
b   53. The statement <frameset rows = "175,*"> does which of the following?
a) Creates 2 frames which are separated by a boundary which exists 175 pixels from the top of the browser.
b) Creates 1 frame which extends 175 pixels from the top of the browser.
c) Creates 2 frames which are separated by a boundary which exists 175 pixels from the left of the browser.
d) Creates 1 frame which extends 175 pixels from the left of the browser.
b   54. ___  _ are declared in each individual XHTML element using the style attribute.
a) Cascading style sheets   b) Inline styles  c) External styles  d) User style sheets
d   55. The proper format for an inline style is:
a) <p style = “font-size = 20pt”>    b) <p font-style = “20pt”>
c) <p style = “font-size = 20pt”>    d) <p style = “font-size: 20pt”>
c   56. In the body of a style sheet, CSS rule properties are followed by a ________.
a) dot operator   b) CSS operator   c) colon   d) semicolon
d   57. Multiple CSS rule properties in style sheets are separated by a ________.
a) dot operator   b) CSS operator   c) colon   d) semicolon
b   58. Which of the following selections is the proper way to apply this CSS rule:
blue { color: blue }
a) <p color = "blue">   b) <p class = "blue">    c) <p color = .blue>    d) <p class = .blue>
c   59. The hover pseudo-class gives the author acess to text styling under which situation?
a) When the mouse is over text
b) When the mouse is over an element that is bound to other data
c) When the mouse is over text that is bound to other data
d) None of the above
b   60. What is the purpose of the line beginning with a.nodec in the following script?
a) The .nodec appended to a is a method of the a object which converts the surrounded text into plain text.
b) The .nodec appended to a is an extension of class styles and will apply only to a elements that specify nodec as their class.
c) The .nodec appended to a is an extension of class styles and will apply to all a elements.
d) The .nodec appended to a is a method of the a object which applies the nodec properties to the surrounded text
c   61. External style sheets are saved with the _______ extension.
a) .html   b) .txt    c) .css   d) .txtcss
c   62. If an element's position is declared as absolute then ________ .
a) positioning of the element is handled by the browser
b) positioning is handled by the normal flow of elements on the page
c) positioning is set according to the margins of its parent element
d) positioning is handled by relative positioning
c   63. The outermost layer of the box model is the ________.
a) padding    b) border   c) margin    d) float
c   64. Which of the following is not a border property?
a) width      b) style    c) shape      d) color
a   65. The CSS specification gives precedence to ______
a) author styles over user styles       b) user styles over author styles
c) neither author styles or user styles   d) both author styles or user styles
d   66. What does the following CSS rule do?
note { font-size: 1.5em }
a) It calls the method note for all objects with the argument of 1.5 pixels.
b) It multiplies all text object font sizes with the value 1.5.
c) It multiplies all text object font sizes within <style> tags by 1.5.
d) It multiplies all text object font sizes with class = "note" by 1.5.
b   67. In a switch structure, the ________ case clause is used to process exceptional conditions and is usually listed last.
a) break    b) default    c) else    d) then
b   68. In JavaScript, all variables declared in function definitions are __
a) global variables    b) local variables    c) static variables   d) constant variables
c   69. An object's methods and attributes are accessed by writing the name of the object followed by a ________.
a) method name/attribute name   b) method/attribute index   c) dot   d) property operator
b   70. What will variable value contain after the following code is executed?
var value = new Date();
value = value.valueOf();
a) the current date in the format hh:mm:ss calculated from the number of milliseconds between midnight January 1, 1970 and the current date
b) a large integer representing the number of milliseconds between midnight January 1, 1970 and the current date
c) the current date in the format hh:mm calculated from the number of milliseconds between midnight January 1, 1970 and the current date
d) a large floating point number representing the number of milliseconds between midnight January 1, 1970 and the current date
b   71. What does the following statement do?
Math.floor( Math.random() * 10 );
a) This creates a random number from 0 up to and including 10.
b) This creates a random number from 0 up to but not including 10.
c) This creates a random number from 1 up to and including 10.
d) This creates a random number from 1 up to but not including 10.
d   72. In JavaScript, all objects and Arrays are passed to functions by ________.
a) value     b) parameters    c) memory    d) reference/address00
c   73. Multiple cookies from the same Web site are seperated by _____.
a) hyphens    b) commas   c) semicolons    d) None of the above
b   74. What will the browser display if the following script is executed?
<script type  = "text/javascript">
var theArray = [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ];
modifyArray( theArray[ 3 ] );
document.write( theArray.join( " " ) );
function modifyArray( i ) {
i = 11;

a) Nothing, the browser will generate an error.   b) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
c) 1 2 11 4 5 6 7 8 9                                      d) 1 2 3 11 5 6 7 8 9

b   75. The simplest way to reference a DHTML element is by its ________ attribute.
a) name    b) id     c) property    d) object
d   76. The all collection is a property of the ________ object.
a) pText    b) html    c) body    d) document
b   77. CSS positioning can be either absolute or ________.
a) static    b) relative    c) transferred     d) disabled
c   78. What is the significance of the second function argument in the following line?
window.setInterval( "run()", 100 );
a) The value sets how many times to call the function specified in the first argument.
b) The value sets how long the function is run for.
c) The value sets how often to run the function.
d) The value sets the time to wait before calling the function once.
a   79. With the ________, scripts can respond to a user moving the mouse, scrolling up or down the screen or entering keystrokes.
a) event model     b) object model     c) Document Object Model for XSL   d) I/O capture model
d   80. Which of these is the command to enable error handling on a Web page?
a) window.handleError               b) window.status = "Error: " + errType + " on line " + errLineNum;
c) window.onHandleError            d) window.onError
d   81. The onload event fires ________.
a) when the document finishes loading                      b) whenever an element finishes loading
c) when the document finishes loading successfully     d) whenever an element finishes loading successfully

a   82. Event ________ fires constantly whenever the mouse is in motion.
a) onmousemove   b) onmouseover   c) onmouseout  d) all of these

c   83. The onfocus event fires when ________.
a) an element is loaded from the document   b) an image is loaded into the document
c) an element is clicked               d) an image is downloaded

d   84. The onblur event is associated with ________.
a) data transfer within the document     b) image resolution
c) background effects                 d) an element losing focus

a   85. Event bubbling is _______.
a) the process of child elements passing events to their parent elements
b) the process of sorting elements which contain events that have fired
c) the process of sorting events which have fired
d) the process of parent elements passing events to their children

86. HTTP : Hypertext Transfer Protocol
RIA : Rich Internet Application
AJAX : Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
XHR : XMLHttpRequest
XSS : Cross Site Scripting

87. (a)  Web已是使用最多的內容平台與軟體平台. 試說明Web做為軟體平台, 有那些先天的缺點或不足之處? 到現在為止, 有那些技術是針對這些缺陷, 提出改進的方法?
(b)  Term Project的主題為何?可能會用到那些技術?目前分工進度如何?會用到那些技術?如何學習課程尚未談到的技術?


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