WiMAX ? Intel不玩了




知名軟體公司的資深分析師Terry Norman認為:WiMAX在一些開發中國家建立了立足點,但是相關基礎設備不足,無法有太大的發展。加上已開發國家鮮少業者採用WiMAX技術,使得WiMAX在全世界的發展受到極大的限制。Google、Intel等投資者都已認賠,數十億美元的投資無法達到預期的效果。




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There were many rumors regarding Intel and wimax. I am happy to know that Intel emergency will continue to support WiMAX. What is bad about this is a lot of this event for Taiwan's wireless communications industry morale a serious blow, but also affect Taiwan and Intel partnership. Thanks for sharing.

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It is surprising to know about the Wimax issues. Knowing that the Intel emergency will continue to support the WiMAX, but a most of this event for Taiwan's wireless communications industry morale a serious blow, and also affect Taiwan and Intel partnership, makes us very confused about the situation. 

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