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[F21_WebFund] Lab3 資工三甲 407261594 楊喆鈞

Lab3: 建立 Personal page on Github : 使用 pure HTML and CSS

我的網址 :

心得 : 做網頁其實比想像中有趣,包括在排版上,語法等,都沒有想像中難,也因為之前有碰過一點HTML跟CSS,所以較好上手,但也需要在一段時間的複習才能更熟悉操作跟語法。

[F21_WebFund] Lab1 資工四甲 407261594 楊喆鈞

Lab1: HTTP analysis with Wireshark + Client content analysis with Browser tool/plugins

(1) Use Wireshark to capture HTTP messages, including GET, POST, Set-Cookie, and Cookie header. Your report should contain the target URLs, captured messages, and anything you learned from this lab.

-GET: 獲取服務器資源,直接將想要獲取的資源添加到URL中