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[S20_WebFund] Lab4 資工四乙 405262049 陳銘澤

Lab4: jQuery  Lab, 完成 JSON APIs /Ajax / jQuery tutorial on FreeCodeCamp,  在 Github personal page 上擴增 jQuery 功能

  • JSON APIs /Ajax


  • jQuery


  • 心得

It's too much function that make me confused. I spent lots of time to understand how it work. Hope i won't use this anymore.

[S20_WebFund] Lab3 資工四乙 405262049 陳銘澤

1. 網頁網址


2. 心得

It's hard to coding in the begining, because i have no idea what kind of page i should build.

Finally, i make the work i satisfied, although it is not very well to high score.

However, it's fine, i will make it better after learing more knowledge.