[F10_WebComp] 課程章節與課程投影片、共筆和課程錄影

9/16 Web Computing Introduction (Network, System, Software, Application perspectives)
9/23 Networking: HTTP 1.0/1.1 共筆: HTTP Youtube課程錄影
9/30 Data, Information, Content, and Knowledge: XML 共筆: XML
10/7 Web 2.0 共筆: Web2.0簡介 Youtube課程錄影
10/14 Cloud Computing 共筆: Cloud Computing Youtube課程錄影
10/21 Social Network and Semantic Web 共筆: Social Network Youtube課程錄影
10/28 Mashup and RIA 共筆: Mashup Tools & RIA Youtube課程錄影:Mashup & RIA
11/4 Web APIs, Web Services, and REST 共筆: Web APIs, Web Services & REST Youtube課程錄影:Web APIS
11/18 Brain Informatics 共筆: Brain Informatics Youtube課程錄影:Brain Informatics
11/25 Mobile Web 共筆: Mobile Web Youtube課程錄影:Mobile Web
12/2 3D Web, Web Security> 共筆: Web Security Youtube課程錄影:Web Security